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Social Action

Social Action

We are very proud of the social actions our school takes each year. In our RE guarantee each class raises money or awareness for causes that affect us not only in our village or town but country and the wider world. EYFS and Key stage one have already been involved in helping with Harvest while Year 3 and 4 are responsible for donations we get for the food bank. Year 5 and 6 have been involved with a new initiative from our church in collecting ‘Toys for town.’

With help from parents we have managed to raise money for charities chosen by BIG FISH group, and these are recorded on our Social Action board on our ‘Faith Garden’ wall so everyone can see. This includes ‘Toilet Twinning’ where we raised enough money to buy a toilet for a town in Myanmar.

This year the children from the school council will be taking part in the Bright Sparks project to make their money grow. We have been awarded 20 pounds from Alice House Hospice to raise as much money from it. This year we have decided to have a Raffle for each class and the children can pay 1 pound a strip. These will be sold at playtimes from the school council class reps and until the Friday 14th Feb where the winners will be announced in Celebration Assembly. 

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