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Coping with COVID-19

Learning Disability Matters for Families – Coping with COVID – 19


At St Peter’s Elwick Primary School we are committed to the equal inclusion of all pupils in all areas of school life. We recognise that every pupil is an individual and therefore the needs of all of our pupils are taken into account. We understand that all pupils are entitled to a quality provision which enables them to achieve their full potential. All pupils are provided with intervention and support throughout the school to meet their learning, physical, social and emotional needs.

We believe that children should achieve regardless of their background, race or disability and therefore at St Peter’s Elwick Primary School we aim to remove barriers to learning and provide a positive educational experience for all SEND pupils and their families.

If any parents wish to make a complaint around SEND provision, please see our school Complaints Policy

The Executive Head Teacher , Head Teacher and SENDCo are certified to deliver a  review of whole School SEND

Please see school for SEN Impact Statement as some data refers to groups of less than 5 children.

SEND Policy

Accessibility Plan

SEND Report 2019-2020

Useful Links

Hartlepool SEND

Hartlepool Local Offer

SEND Pathfinder

Information, Advice and Support Services Network

Independent Support Services Hartlepool

SEND Admission arrangements for St. Peter’s Elwick Primary School please see below:

St Peters Admissions Policy 2019-20

Equality Impact Statement

We endeavour to ensure that the policies and procedures across the Federation of St Peter’s, Elwick and Hart Primary School do not discriminate, directly or indirectly. We do this through regular monitoring and evaluation of our policies and procedures. We assess and consult relevant stakeholders on the likely impact of our policies on the promotion of all aspects of equality, as laid down in the Equality Act (2010). This will include, but not necessarily be limited to: race; gender; sexual orientation; disability; ethnicity; religion; cultural beliefs and pregnancy/maternity. We use an appropriate Equality Impact Assessment to monitor the impact of all our policies and procedures to ensure necessary amendments are made.

For further information please refer to the Equality Policy.

For information on Governors of St Peter’s Elwick please see the Governors page.

All SEND information and documentation complies with all statutory links as indicated on the GOV.UK guidance for websites.

Our Values and Ethos

Christian teachings play a large part in the daily goings on at St Peter's

Friendship & Trust