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We are proud to use the ‘Singapore approach’ to Mathematics at Hart Primary by following the Inspire Maths Programme. We strive to ensure our pupils have a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. Below, you can find out what we cover in each year group.

Inspire Maths 1
Inspire Maths 2
Inspire Maths 3
Inspire Maths 4
Inspire Maths 5
Inspire Maths 6

How We Teach

We strive to teach our children through the concrete, pictorial and abstract method. This allows learners to work with concrete resources and develop their understanding before moving onto pictorial form before being ready to use abstract concepts.

Children who grasp concepts quickly and can efficiently use the taught methods are given the opportunity to deepen their learning of age appropriate objectives through extensions and deepening reasoning and problem-solving activities. This ensures all of our children continue to develop in their learning and continue to make progress.

Within our maths lessons, we also have a dedicated ‘Fluency and Flexibility’ session which enables the children to consolidate their learning as well as extend their understanding by using concepts they have been taught and applying them in a variety of ways to problems and reasoning questions.


We have a dedicate maths intervention session within each school day to ensure that all children are ready to access their next lesson through targeted support and teaching. This enables all children to succeed.

Early Years

Early Years uses White Rose Maths and Number Blocks to enable the children to grasp number concepts. They also have a wide range of mathematical activities set up within the Early Years environment to use and apply their skills with.

Rockstar Maths

Our children all have access to Rockstar Maths. They have personalised targets within the programme and can access it at home as well as school. Within school, children from Y2 – Y6 have a dedicated time to use the programme and develop their times table knowledge as well as within lessons. Y1 start to use the programme in the Summer Term.

We celebrate our times table achievements within assemblies and have a ‘Rockstar Maths’ display in the hall that celebrates the achievements of each class within school. We all aim to be a Rock Hero before we leave in Year 6. Some of us are good we manage it a lot earlier!

Maths Outside of the Classroom

We have had the opportunity to send several pupils to Red House Maths Challenge this year and we are so proud of their achievements in obtaining bronze, silver and gold certificates.