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Careers and Aspirations

At Hart Primary School, we work closely with a wide range of providers to inspire, raise aspirations and develop careers guidance for our pupils from an early age. We have applied the principles of the The Gatsby Benchmarks which are a framework of 8 guidelines that define the best careers provision in schools.

We believe that our pupils must know and understand the opportunities available to them and, therefore, we work with local secondary schools, colleges, universities and local businesses to develop this understanding.

Within School

Integral to each curriculum area we plan opportunities for pupils to study the life experiences, work and motivations of ‘People Who Inspire Us’ from a broad range of fields, cultures and backgrounds.

Secondary Schools

We work very closely with several Secondary Schools in the local area.

For several years, our Year 6 pupils have had the opportunity to attend STEM lectures organised by High Tunstall Secondary School with key speakers such as Professor Robert Winston and Helen Sharman.

Pupils have attended STEM workshops at High Tunstall Secondary School centred around science in the movies and special effects.

We support parents/carers and pupils to attend Careers Fayres at the local secondary schools.


We work very closely with the local colleges to ensure that our pupils and families are familiar with the different opportunities and pathways provided by colleges in the local area.

Our Young Thespian Club holds their Summer Production at the Hartlepool 6th Form college to ensure that our children experience the technical aspects of high-tech light and sound production.

In conjunction with a cluster of Primary Schools, Hart worked with Hartlepool College of Further Education on a cluster Aspirations Project. Through this project, our pupils were able to gain an understanding of many related to STEM subjects, professions and pathways including aeronautical engineering, vehicle development and aviation.

Students from Hartlepool 6th Form College came into school and chatted to the Year 6 pupils about life as a 6th Form student and specific subjects.


Students from Durham University’s ‘Engineers without Borders’ visited Hart Primary School to work with our pupils on their studies of renewable energy.

The Work Place

Throughout our pupils’ time in Hart, they have the opportunity to visit a variety of workplaces and engage with a wide range of employees.

Year 1 and Year 2 have worked with the chefs and staff at Pizza Express so that they have an appreciation of what happens behind the scenes in restaurants.

Year 3 and Year 4 have visited the Power Station.

Year 5 and Year 6 have worked with professional engineers to look at aeronautical construction. They also visited Wynyard Planetarium and Observatory to work alongside, British Astronaut, Michael Forage.