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Dear Parents,

Just a brief message to say how honoured we are as a governing body to be able to support your children in their futures. There are lots of things going on in education which seem, if we let them, to be a distraction from the most important aspect of working in schools which is to ensure the highest quality  educational experience for your children.

The two schools are moving forward in a strong and exciting way. Both schools are providing an outstanding educational experience for your children and we are going to do everything in our power to make that continue. As a teacher myself I will never forget how influential the early years of school experience can be in providing a solid grounding for young people’s futures which go with them in everything they do in their lives.

It is our mission to ensure that not only do your children excel academically but enjoy the experience and having seen the enthusiasm and happy faces of the children at concerts and school fayres, sports events etc  it is evident that this is happening and we will ensure that continues.

The future is bright for both schools and we want you as parents to enjoy the journey as much as your children do so help and support us in our drive to continually improve the educational experience your children receive at our two great schools.

Rest assured every decision made within school is done for the benefit of the children in our care.

Thank you,

Colin Reid

Chair of Governors.

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