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Commando Joe’s

Commando Joe’s in Hart’s Curriculum

Commando Joe’s programme compliments the half termly topics and the Hart’s Curriculum. It provides opportunities for our pupils to think critically and develop a mind-set that thrives on looking at themselves and others from different perspectives. It develops their character and essential life skills with a particular focus on developing their ability to: problem solve, solve conflict, communicate and develop confidence, resilience and independence. The programme will contribute to cultural, physical, spiritual, moral and social well-being and play a part in extending each child’s understanding of British Values.

‘Commando Joe’s Morning Mission’, Commando Joe’s After School Clubs and ‘Breaktime Clubs’ also support the pupils’ physical and mental well-being.

The Year 6 programme helps support and prepare the pupils for the important transition phase to secondary school.

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Our Values and Ethos

We have a set of school values that were devised in conjunction with our Governors, pupils, parents and staff

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