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RE Overview

At St. Peter’s, Church of England, Elwick, we follow the guidance set out in Valuing all God’s Children published by the Church of England (Summer 2019). We believe the four elements of wisdom, hope, dignity and community are key in order to live life in all its fullness. John 10:10

We believe that fullness of life can only begin to be achieved if an individual is happy in their own skin and their uniqueness and that is why we strive to give all children the opportunity to be who God created them to be and have fullness of life.

Valuing all Gods children

We seek to ensure that our pupils are successful in ‘religious literacy’ with the ability to hold balanced and informed conversations about religions and beliefs. We believe religious literacy matters because we seek to ensure that our pupils are open minded, with confidence in their own views, and expressing those views. We seek to ensure are pupils are empathetic, with the ability to see things from different perspectives as part of the ‘bigger picture’ of religion and society. We hope that this may help them in their own lives as confident, well-rounded citizens. Following Understanding Christianity units, we strive to teach RE through three interconnected aspects:

Children from both Hart Primary and St. Peter’s school shared their knowledge of Religious celebrations when they joined other primary schools in Hartlepool at the Central Hub for part of Interfaith week. Children were given the opportunity to talk to other pupils about their faith and what they have been learning about different world faiths. This event was organised by Hartlepool SACRE



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